A Baby Otter Doesn’t Want To Let Go Of Owner’s Arm. Too Adorable To Watch!


If it was possible, I’d have many pets in my house as they all are precious. Moreover, I’m sure that as soon as you get a pet, your life changes to a better. At our good times they make our days brighter; at our bad times pets make us relaxed and cheer up our mood.

Speaking about pets, we usually mean dogs or cats, or sometimes birds… And  have you ever thought about an otter as a pet? Then the following video will show you otters as they are.

This adorable otter is named Cartel. Cartel is hugging to his sleepy daddy in the most affectionate way possible. Just watch the entire scene and prepare to get your heart melted! And keep in mind, you have no chances not to fall in love with this precious creature!