Parents Left Their Dog With Their Four Month Old, But They Didn’t Expect To See This!


Evo is an Alaskan Malamute and this precious doggie has some amazing babysitting skills. He stays by his friend’s side without a single complaint as he stands guard. 4 month old Adam has no qualms about the dog being so close to him either. He is pretty comfortable around the pooch. I am sure their bond is going to strengthen even more.

Alaskan Malamutes actually were bred to take care of the little ones while the parents were away. So no, as long as they know that the baby is part of the pack they won’t harm the baby.Smart dog, giving attention the kid, gets the attention he wants. Dogs are just like jealous older siblings.

Evo taking care of a 4 month’s old Adam. A true friendship starts   Alaskan Malamute babysitting. Just an amazing video, do you agree? We hope that the time you spent on watching it, will do a power of good and boost your spirits!