A Kitten Saved And Raised By Huskies, Now She Thinks She’s A Husky Too!


Haha it’s funny that you can see Rosie mimicking the Huskies while they walk with her body language. Whatever Rosie believes she is — cat or dog — she’s loved and happy. With all those buddy-dogs, it’s no surprise.

What a beautiful family. It seems as though animals know no bounds. They will accept whoever they will, regardless of what the humans want to think. This is sowonderful beautiful dog and cat I hope they all get to stay together its like a wonderful family living with a loving family. Cats and dogs have different relationships just like people.They are all wonderful.

When they first discovered Rosie the kitten, she was not in a good way, she was close to death. The family that found her were not sure that she would be able to make the night! Thanks to their loving husky dog, Lilo, the kitten was able to mend and she made a miraculous full recovery. From the start, Lilo made the decision to take Rosie in as one of her own and the way she nursed her back to heath was breathtaking. The tiny kitten, who was only around 3 weeks old instantly became one of the family, and seemed to have no problem fitting in with the husky squad!