This Lovely Kitty Must Have Been A Human In Another Life, Just Watch Him Sleep! Wonderful!


This funny video will make you laugh. I laughed so much! Just watch how this sweet kitty sleeps. This is the funniest thing (and cutest) I have seentoday. Do not miss this amazing video to understand what I mean. The name of the kitty in the video is Duslo, which means “majesty” and this cutie looks really majestic when he sleeps.

The fact that he is also a verifiable grey fluffy ball also helps lol. With his feet pointed straight into the air, Duslo dowses off into a glorious sleep. This sweetie is really cute and sweet! Do your pets sleep funny? That is such an adorable video! Enjoy watching it! We sure this video will put you in a cheerful frame of mind! If you liked this video, please share it with your friends!