A Caring Beagle Dog Helps Owner Dry Off A Kitten After Bath! Adorable Video!


This family has a precious beagle pup named Chloe. They also have recently bought a tiny kitty named Misty.  Can the dog and the kitten get along well? Yes, for sure. And this video is just a proof of it. It seems that these two interspecies friends are a big doggy sister and her tiny kitty sister. Chloe is one year older. This pup is very attentive to Misty. She is also unbelievably caring!

This adorable scene will show you Misty at the age of five months. She had just taken a bath and mom started to dry her with a towel. What was Chloe’s reaction? This is truly unexpected and unbelievable! She helps their mommy to dry the kitty and shows Misty all her love and care! Isn’t this lovely?