My review of New Mortgage Marketing:


In such sphere as marketing you do not need time. Nobody has to go to marketing. This is some kind of great advantage.

This is one tough business. Rainbow’s pot of gold.mSuccessful brokers are very well compensated, but they get only after years of hard work. If you haven’t been your business, you might like a quotation now. Brokers’ work is a rather difficult business.

Money vs. Time

It may seem that you’ll have to spend much money at the very beginning. But instead of this you’d better invest something. If you’ll be careful with your initial budget, you’ll learn two very important and vital skills: 1) Find out things that are exactly important to people.

Secret No. 1: Invest as much time in other people as it’s possible. Acting this way will give you the greatest return on any kind of your investment. That’s all a potential endorser needs.

In mortgage sphere is your clients really only care about their mortgages for about thirty to sixty days every 3 to 5 years. They all care about home ownership. In such a case the mortgage itself is just a means.

It’s always hard to sell a mortgage and takes a lot of time. But there’s a better way… Try to build good relationships and try to understand what people need. Use such methods as clients, endorsers and conversation. This does not mean to hide your business from people. You should not hide it. But, first of all, show your interest in people you work with as well as in their success.

How To Put Theory Into Practice

I worked as a broker for a long time. So now I’ll try to show you all how this works and share the best tips that worked personally for me.

Do you remember 2011? That was the time when most of us used Twitter to communicate with strangers. Every day I resolved to have 3 important connections via Twitter. My daily routine was to find the #YQR hashtag to know those who needed anything.

Once I received a message saying “I’m not acquainted with #YQR and I need to purchase Italian syrups for my coffee #needhelp.” My advice was to write to Kyle at Ambassador and then attached a Google map showing the recommended account. She was very thankful to me and, finally, the deal was was a success in half a year.

Communication Is An Art

My mistake was that my goal was to sell a mortgage, not to help this person with financing. So, of course, I did not get that deal. All I needed was to change something immediately.

Finally, I changed my mind and began to invest time and to pay. 

The main questions every broker needs to think about are as follows:

What can you do to invest time? 

How to find people? 

What are the ways of providing benefits to them? 

You have to always keep this in mind and all the best opportunities will surely follow. Wish you to reach great potential in your business!