The 5 best tech jobs with top salaries, lots of openings and the highest satisfaction


The 5 best tech jobs with top salaries

The 5 best tech jobs with top salaries, lots of openings and the highest satisfaction 

Autumn is coming and this means that there is not so much time left to enjoy your summer days. Autumn is great time to think about your future, your career and ways of increasing your earnings. However, nobody’ll disagree that finding a good job with top salary is always a challenge. World economy is rather strong, and employment is not high at all. Tech job is a very specific one and has its own peculiarities. There are many progressive and talented specialists in this sphere. At the same time world progress demands new talents, new ideas and new faces on a regular basis. 

You’d ask what the companies working in technical sphere offer its specialists now? Then here it is: 

Top 5 technical jobs nowadays

1) Data scientist

•  Average wages (per year): 108,000 U.S. dollars

•  Job satisfaction: 4,3/5

•  Available positions: 25,803

Referral tasks: All such specialists have numerous job responsibilities. The range of responsibilities differ from this firm to another one. Among the main responsibilities are data evaluation, as data scientists are specialists who need to show their own insight. Among the typical duties are: creation of the automated tools which the company will use in future (recommendation engines, functions of expanded artificial intelligence; collection, cleaning, and organization of data; making professional data analysis.

Experience & skills:

•  Excellent knowledge of theory and apps. Understanding and practical skills in machine learning & big data techniques (Hive, Pig, Spark); 

•  Experience in coding with the use of different programming languages (Python, Java or equivalent) (at least one of these languages);

•  Proven record of experience (not less than three years) in implementing data science projects;

•  Practice of investigation on large-scale data sets.

2) Software engineer

•  Average wages (per year): 104,000 U.S. dollars

•  Job satisfaction: 3,6/5

•  Available positions: 129,921

Referral tasks: These specialists need to have excellent knowledge of various engineering principles and programming languages. One of their main responsibilities is to design, develop, and then install software and systems. Even an entry level position has all chances of promotion to senior roles. 

Experience & skills:

•  Professional skills in such programming languages as HTML, Java, JavaScript, Oracle/DB/MySQL, and CSS; 

•  Technologic knowledge of SQL, and database design; 

•  Working knowledge of complex enterprise systems; 

•  Practice of enhancement current procedures and processes;

•  Experience in solving difficult architectural and system problems connected with relational databases.

3) DevOps engineer

•  Average wages (per year): 106,000 U.S. dollars

•  Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

•  Available positions: 31,488

Referral tasks: DevOps’ task is to engineer processes and systems, build and maintain deployment tools and systems. 

Experience & skills:

•  Scripting in different languages: Bash, Ant, Python, Gradle, Maven, and Ruby;

•  Practical knowledge of infrastructure environments (cloud-based);

•  Collaboration across various teams to deliver a project;

4) Security engineer

•  Average wages (per year): 102,000 U.S. dollars

•  Job satisfaction: 3,8/5

•  Available positions: 57,796

Referral tasks: Security Engineer’s task is to protect computer systems and networks. They carry out and devise different strategies, investigate and protect sensitive systems and data from cyberattacks and infiltration. 

Experience & skills:

•  Special knowledge of disaster recovery, computer forensic tools, methods and technologies;

•  Knowledge of different coding languages, mobile and malicious coding;

•  Knowledge of antivirus software, firewalls, intrusion detection, and content filtering;

•  Bonus to candidate with computer science and information technology degree

5) Data analyst

•  Average wages (per year): 60,000 U.S. dollars

•  Job satisfaction: 3,9/5

•  Available positions: 7,803

Referral tasks: Data analyst develops frameworks for data, analytics, strategy development; he implements data-analysis tools and provides training to users. Collection and analysis of data sets from various sources and then making accurate predictions is also among his responsibilities. 

Experience & skills:

•  Analysis of big amounts of data and filtering all relevant data sets

•  Paying attention to details, analytical mind, and problem-solving ability

•  Experience in data modelling and reporting software

•  Experience in writing actionable reports in clear language